For Lessons:

1. Payments are made monthly.

2. Payment for lessons will be expected the first week of each month for the time alotted to each student. 

3. If payments are missed for two or more months, your lesson times will be given to someone else. 

4. I will provide an invoice at the end of each month with the total for the following month's lesson costs. Payments           are expected the week after, whether through Paypal, check, or cash. 

5. If you miss a lesson, payment is still expected. 

      a. If I, as the teacher, miss lessons due to sickness, medical issues, or family emergencies, I will take the initiative              to schedule a makeup session.

     b. If a family or student misses lessons due to sickness, medical reasons, or family emergencies, a makeup lesson              can be scheduled at my discretion.​​

6. If a lesson is missed due to forgetfulness or negligence, a makeup lesson will not be scheduled, and payment is            still expected. My time is valuable. Hours and energy are set aside and spent for lessons. 

7. If you plan on taking a family vacation or missing a lesson, please inform me at least 7-10 days before, so I can plan      accordingly. 

     a. Again, payment is expected for missed lesson dates. Please refer to #5 for any questions regarding this subject.  ​

For Events and Services:

1. Bookings are requested thirty or more days before the event or service.  

2. Events needing to be scheduled in less than thirty days will be considered. Prices may vary from the fee schedule. 

3. A deposit of $50 is expected upon engagement of services to secure your event and is non-refundable.

    The rest of the payment is expected at the event.

I reserve the right to refuse service.  Please understand that I will not be able to include everyone in my schedule, but I will do my best to recommend others who may be able to take your business if I am unable to do so.