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Beginning to Advanced

Music Lessons provided:


Irish Folk Harp

Beginning Violin

Beginning Cello

Beginning Flute

Each lesson is half an hour for every student. Times can be extended to 45 minutes, or an hour. Whatever level you are currently playing, is where we will begin. Any music books needed are purchased by the student or family.

Cost per lesson:

30 minutes: $15

45 minutes: $22.50

1 hour: $30

Price will not vary depending on the instrument.

In lessons, I strive to present a relaxed environment where students feel safe to ask questions and have fun as they learn to play their instrument. Music should be a joy to experience, not a chore that parents make their kids do. If someone hates being in lessons, I try to switch their perspective from dislike towards music, to a love for it.

Personally, my favorite moment in teaching is when someone’s eyes light up as they understand.  Breakthrough moments are very enjoyable for me, and it makes me love teaching all the more. This is why I keep my lessons are affordable. For me, teaching someone to love an instrument I adore, is what matters.

Music Lessons: Skills
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